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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 1, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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tree a christmas tree. thanks for your responses on that question he. that's it from d.c., jamie colby and kelly wright are set to take over. and treasury secretary tim geithner ar house speaker john wayner on fobs news sunday. thanks for watching. make it a great day everybody! ♪ now the jingle has begun ♪ >> fox news alert out of kansas city, reporting a kansas city chief football player has shot and killed himself at the team stadium after allegedly killing his girlfriend at another location. welcome to america's news headquarters, everyone, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. such a sad story to report. details are coming in. bha we know so far according to police that 25-year-old still unidentified player did shoot himself in front of the chiefs head coach and the general manager of that team
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after thanking them for all they had done for him. and elizabeth prann has much more live in atlanta, elizabeth. >> yes, jamie we still don't no the identity of the 25-year-old kansas city chiefs player who reportedly shot himself near arrowhead stadium near two team officials as they were approaching him after he reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend. police say the two shootings happened within five miles of each other. the first in a neighborhood in kansas city. the second shooting, as i mentioned, at the team's training facility right near the stadium, causing the entire facility to remain on lockdown. and here is a spokesperson from the police department just hours ago. >> the coach said when he pulled up, he was-- they were never in danger, never threatened them and they talked for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >> the team has released a statement and we can confirm there was an instant at
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arrowhead earlier this morning and we're cooperating with authorities in their investigation, it happened before 8 a.m. this morning and the team is scheduled to play the carolina panthers tomorrow and that game is still on schedule. >> all right. and i just want to bring all of our viewers up-to-date right now. they have now identified the name of that player, jovan belcher is what we're getting according to the associated press. more details from elizabeth as the day continues. again, a very sad story to report, a 25-year-old player from the kansas city chief commits suicide in front of the general manager and his coach after allegedly killing his girlfriend. still under investigation. kelly. >> kelly: for northern california bracing for another round much severe storms 24 hours after getting slammed by heavy rain and strong winds and the area is now gearing up for a second lashing. and a third storm is moving in tomorrow morning.
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already, the weather is left thousands in the dark and left massive delays on roads and airports, but the biggest concern is flooding. >> and it's an amazing amount of water in the time we had and if we've got three more days of this there's no way that the banks are going to hold that, no way. >> the flood water, it's pouring a foot high over this, this embankment right here. >> the amount of rain that was hitting at that hour, we had an unbelievable amount of rain coming down. >> and let's go to dominique di-natale live in petaluma, what more can you tell us? >> hey there, kelly. this has been a three-day buildup, it started on wednesday and went overnight thursday and friday more rain and heavy rains at night and ten inches across the entire region and we saw some flooding earlier here at petaluma and the levels on the river is gone down a bit and there was heavy rain there and
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the home of michael jimenez was flooded pretty badly and we heard there was heavy rains overnight and that came in flooding a local park and rushed into the town and here is how he described what happened. take a listen. >> okay. (inaudible) >> okay, don't think we have the sound there. and we heard that a utility worker was killed yesterday working for pg and e when his truck hit a traffic signal light in sacramento and very heavy rain then. what happens now? well, there are still many power outages across the region and about 2,500 homes reported without power earlier. at one point 16,000 people without electricity and tonight's storm comes in, we're expecting that to develop so heavily that many more thousands of people will be without power and the risk really is not just to what the
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rain does, but how it's built up since wednesday and earlier reports of mudslides on highway 84 and that closed the road there and not too sure when it happens, other reports of mudslides starting to build and flash flooding everywhere from san francisco right throughout into nevada where they are he' expecting to have to declare a state of emergency around reno and they're handing out sand bags of people to protect their homes there. so, 24 hours from now, still going to be much more rain and it will play out right through till monday when they're expecting floods to be reported all over the region, back to you. >> dominique, we thank you for that, keep the people informed what's going on out there. thank you. >> a little bit more information, that storm is creating a mess all over northern california and in the city of salinas, mudslides have triggered some problems there. really threatening homes because of the heavy rain. haven't seen this in many years, this much water running through my property. and that water runoff should not come off on the property whatsoever, that they have to
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have holding ponds or some sort of drainage in place to divert or what have you from my property because it's just below there. >> quite a scene and forecasters saying that the residents will have to put up with the damp and gray weather until at least tuesday. >> we're also following a developing story out of miami international airport. a bus there, smashing into an overpass and killing at least two people, and injuring more than two dozen others. two large sides nearby warn drivers of large vehicles not to drive under the overpass. police say the driver was unfamiliar with the area and the bus was privately owned and usually used for tours, but authorities think the passengers were local residents and not tourests. ♪ well, the clock is ticking, just a month to go until the so-called fiscal cliff. congressional republicans firing back now amid claims by president obama that some g.o.p. lawmakers are holding middle class tax cuts hostage.
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and senator orrin hatch accusing the president of pulling a bait and switch. listen. >> the the president said he wants a so-called balanced approach to solve this crisis, but what he proposed this week was a classic bait and switch on the american people, a tax increase double the size of what he campaigned on. billions of dollars in this stimulus spending and unlimited unchecked authority to borrow from the chinese. maybe i missed it, but i don't believe him asking for any of that during the presidential campai campaign. >> jamie: well, the developments are wii by the hour and our steve centanni is covering all of them. good to see you. >> you, too, jamie. one month until the fiscal cliff and appears to be little movement, but a lot of talk back and forth and the president used a campaign style appearance to appeal directly to the american people and pushed for
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immediate action to extend bush era tax cuts for everybody except the more wealthy americans. >> right now congress can pass a law that would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of everybody's income, everybody. and that means that 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses wouldn't see their income taxes go up at all. and even the wealthiest americans would get a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income. >> but republicans led by house speaker john boehner said the president should quit campaigning and take care of business and some suggest that the president is playing a dangerous game of political brinksmanship. >> i think that the democrats and the president view it to their advantage to run the clock out and dangerously close by the end of the year. if there's a break through, in a short manner, takes a while to get proposals scored by the
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budget office and legislation drafted. if we were going to act on something until the end of the year, you can't wait until christmas day and hope to pass by new years day. >> reporter: and the latest round of political maneuvering involves pressure from nancy pelosi, democratic leader in the house, to be extend the middle class tax cuts, a bill approved by the u.s. senate. see where that goes. >> jamie: steve with the latest. thank you, kelly has more now. >> kelly: indeed we do. for more on the fiscal cliff stalemate. let's bring in angela mcglowan, and dick, from the south carolina democratic party. look, i've got the questions prepared and i've got to ask the fundamental question most americans are requesting, what the heck is going on with the
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house and president obama. >> didn't we learn in 2011, where the government seemed less stable and our triple-a rating went down to a double-a rating and right now, john thune was right, it takes time to bush legislation through and we can't have a deal cut on christmas eve. >> is this brinksmanship on behalf of the president and time geithner, his treasury secretary, in terms of what the dems are now offering congress? >> no, i think the president has made a riegsal offer and of course, it's an opening offer, but that silence is deafening for the republicans, for the republicans' response. their political lemmings getting ready to go off the fiscal cliff and rather do that and not violate the no tax pledge they made to grover norquist than to move the ball forward and resolve this for the american people. >> is it really about that, angela and dick, is it really about the pledge that was made to grover norquist, no new taxes? we hear eric cantor saying no
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new taxes and we know that the dems want to have taxes on the wealthy and also know that the republicans would like to see some spending cuts as well. >> it's not about grover norquist and the pledge. the bottom line is this: even boehner said they're willing to have some revenue, some tax increases if we cut spending. and kelly, by having of billions more dollars in surplus package money that president obama wants, also, increasing taxes by 1.6 trillion dollars, that's not a deal that the american people can live with. it's not about grover norquist and not raising taxes, it's about going to the table and cutting a real deal. >> dick? >> i guess what i say is, what do the republicans want to cut? i mean, have they backed off the paul ryan plan to cut medicare have they backed off the plan for social security, and what is the plan? i think the president and the democrats and the country are
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waiting to hear. he made an offer. i'm a lawyer and deal with this and the other side why and we move to the middle. where is the republican plan. >> kelly: hold on a minute. you try to find that common ground. >> right. >> kelly: that common ground is so necessary now, which is why it goes back to my first question. the american people are begging congress and the president to act responsibly and we've got 30 days from now. what the heck is going on in washington? >> listen, the president has offered a base to start with, but it's pretty laughable. again, offering more surplus money and 1.6 trillion dollars of tax increases, that's not something that republicans can live with. but, dick, you are right we should go there with specifics and what we want to happen, but we do have a starting point from president obama. >> dick, where do you see this ending? are we going to jump over that fiscal cliff? >> i don't think so. i think the president's made an offer and i hope that republicans, responsible republicans will make a
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counter offer that, you know, that maybe some democrats will say is laughable and then let's get down and talk about trying to meet in the middle somewhere. there's going to have to be revenue increases, there's going to have to be spending cuts and we realize that and that's what the american people voted for in november. so i'm hoping that reason minds on both sides of the aisle may come together and that may be whistling in the dark, based on the past in washington, but i really believe this country, under their elected officials, on beat sides of the aisle understand what the consequences will be. >> and kelly, if we go over the cliff, they'll blame republicans so republicans need to take the argument back and go to the american people and tell the american people what they're offering and need to take a page from obama's play book. >> kelly: okay, stop the insanity and stop doing the same thing over and over, come up with a plan. good day to you both. be sure to tune in for the latest on the fiscal cliff talks, timothy geithner will sit down with our chris
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wallace and explain the tax plan and plus, chris will have an interview with house speaker john boehner, 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. >> fox news overseas, massive protests in egypt and thousands have gathered for a 9th straight day in cairo's tahrir square about morsi's power grab and the constitution he's supporting and the port city of alexandria where the supporters of president morsi are clashing with opponents and thousands of his supporters taking part in nationwide rallies. and they're organized by the muslim brotherhood has taken charge and steve harrigan is there and streaming live for us from cairo right now. steve? >> it's really two different sets of demonstrations going on. there's the group behind me at tahrir square and those are people against president morsi, but today for the first time we've seen a much larger
10:15 am
group, mainly supported by the muslim brotherhood and they're coming in in support of president morsi and that group is a mile and a half from where i'm standing, a lot of men, people carrying-- and strong show of support port those, and he pushed through a draft constitution on friday and the next move is likely a referendum within two week's time and mr. morsi says once those are adopted those took on by himself will be void. whether that will be enough for the morsi protesters behind me? the numbers are down from past days. back to you in new york. >> jamie: steve harrigan following the developments in cairo for us. thank you, steve, stay staff. >> kelly: jamie another major development in the middle east. the israeli government announcing plans to build thousands of new homes in east jerusalem and the west bank on the heels of a successful
10:16 am
palestinian bid at the united nations to gain nonmember observer state status. secretary of state hillary clinton calling the move a setback. >> let me reiterate that this administration, like previous administrations, has been very clear with israel, that these activities that back the cause of a negotiated peace. we all need to work together to find a path forward in negotiations that can finally deliver on a two-state solution. that must remain our goal. >> kelly: so what does it mean for the stalled israeli-palestinian peace talks, john bolton weighs in just ahead. >> jamie: also, a top al-qaeda terrorist is now in custody. big news, we'll tell you where he was captured and why his arrest is so significant. >> kelly: plus, breaking news out of sear yeah, the country's internet service is back on as fighting begins
10:17 am
between troops and rebels. we're live in the the middle east. >> jamie: and also, a defiant move out of north korea. the rogue nation's latest plan to launch yet another long range rocket. [ abdul-rashid ] i've been working since i was about 16. you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪
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>> all right.
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fox news fox news learning the identity of the kansas city chief football player who allegedly the shot and killed himself at the team training facility after allegedly killing his girlfriend at another location nearby. and kansas city police say it was linebacker, 25 year old jovan belcher and shot himself in front of the head coach and manager after thanking them for what they had he' done for him. the details are fluid and we'll keep you posted as we learn them. kel kelly. >> kelly: and to lift your spirit right now, jason krab is a singer-song writer, music has to be more than feel-good entertainment. people are hurting out there and some have lost their jobs and their homes and hopes his music and his volunteer spirit can, well, provide hope to
10:22 am
others to live their lives beyond a dream. ♪ it's christmas, the country and everybody's home ♪ >> grammy winner jason crabb spreading christmas cheer, and he and sandy patty are-- jason says the music is uplifting and gives hope when it's needed most. >> it's good to help somebody in me and something my parents taught me, something my grandparents caught me and something that i believe in. >> the value of being charitable has been with jason since his humble beginnings in beaver dam, kentucky, a rural southern town where jason developed his values of faith, hope and love. as a child when he wasn't working on the family farm, he was touring with siblings, the crabb family and established
10:23 am
fame and fortune in southern gospel and after they retired he set out on his own, winning grammies and artist of the year. his success has been humbling. >> i've stood on incredible stages where i just stand back and go, really? you know what? god is way big are than me and i couldn't have figured this out. >> what jason has figured out is that his accomplishments can be used for doing something good, to answer a higher call. >> maybe god gives is platforms be to be able to help others and maybe that's the big goal. >> jason says it's in his down holm roots to use his music as a platform to help people in need and the current christmas celebration tour enabled them to raise donation toss provide, food, clothing and other needs for those still struggling, but the disastrous effects from hurricane sandy. ♪
10:24 am
>> and in nashville, tennessee where he records his music, jason volunteers at the food bank and the bridge ministry and provides food and clothing for the homeless. jason is passing along the value of service to the future generation, getting his daughter's baseball team to join him in preparing for gifts for children in need. >> i took my red box, and parked it up at the school and they come running to an and they started helping and packing the food in the bags and it was for kids that was at high risk of not having anything to eat. >> jason sings songs with a positive message to encourage people to overcome despair with hope. >> ♪ >> from what i can see, this guy is still trying to say, but if i can help somebody, i'd like to help somebody. i think one of things with
10:25 am
that is i know that i wouldn't be anywhere today had not somebody helped me. >> jason crabb making a difference beyond a dream. >> and i can't believe kelly was in there. >> i was. >> thanks. >> as washington continues to wrangle over the fiscal cliff, there's one on the chopping block that could have an impact on our economy. >> plus, new controversy in the middle east as israel celebrates construction plans and what it means for the stalled peace talks and security in the region. john walton weighs in. >> looking forward to talking to him. and new information recording the internet blackout, stay with us, folks, we'll be right back. rop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪
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>> welcome back. got a developing story to talk to you about out of syria right now he where the country's internet service is reportedly back on following a two day nationwide blackout as syrian rebels make a strategic push for, control of an area leading to damascus international airport. and connor powell joins us live with more details on this. what can you tell us? >> well, kelly, for nearly three days, more than 90% of the internet across all the area was out. and latest report is that the internet is back on in damascus and we still don't know about the rest of the country, but the ap was reporting that the internet in damascus, mobile phones are up and running in damascus. it's not clear why they cut it three days ago, they say it was terrorists, but internet companies say it's the syrian government that cut the internet there. and likely because the rebels
10:31 am
have been pushing towards damascus and particularly the international airport just south of damascus in recent days and slow their advance and comes as the rebels have been targeting the international airport and the syrian government sis it's open and flights are taking off and landing there. and the emirates and egyptian air say that they have suspended flights indefinitely in that of the international airport in damascus because of the heavy fighting in the area. and the rebels now say that they've taken over a main road just outside of the airport, now, all of this happens as the u.n. is warning after human catastrophe in syria and more than 40,000 people killed and the u.n. is saying now that nearly 700,000 syrians have been displaced and that could grow this winter as the violence continues, ands winter is starting to set in, to the human, the human effect of this is really starting to
10:32 am
take a toll on syria and the wider region, there are refugees in turkey and jordan and causing huge problems, but the violence is continuing to escalate, and right now, kelly, it doesn't appear that there's any end in sight. >> kelly: all right. connor, connor powell reporting from jerusalem about the developments in syria and we're all very concerned about what's happening there. thank you, jamie? >> on the heels of that look at the middle east situation, let's get back to one of our top stories, new settlement construction in east jerusalem and the west bank after a successful bid at the united nations this week, gaining them nonmember observer state status. listen to secretary of state hillary clinton on that. >> we have to convince palestinians that direct negotiations with israel represent not just the best, but the only path to the independent state that deserve. america supports the goal of a
10:33 am
palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security with israel. but this week's vote at the u.n. won't bring palestinians any closer to that goal. it may bring new challenges to the united nations system and for israel. >> joining me now to talk more about the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton and a fox news contributor, ambassador, great to see you today. >> hi, jamie, how are you? >> i'm great. does secretary clinton have it right? >> no, unfortunately, you know, the-- what she was expressing there about the inevitability of a two state solution and trying to convince the palestinians to negotiate is the kind of setup that convinces the palestinians that they don't have to be negotiate. the united states opposed the palestinian authority effort to have the u.n. general assembly declare them to be an observer state, but failed to prevent it which i think was a
10:34 am
real defeat for the united states and israel and the palestinians and the u.n. under the obama administration will suffer no consequences from that. so if you're the palestinian authority or even more if you're hamas, the lesson that you learn is that ultimately, if you just keep the pressure on, the united nations will deliver israel for you. now, that's a badly misguided view, but when secretary clinton reacts the way she did just in the tape you showed, i think it sends the wrong signal to the palestinians and makes the negotiated outcome less likely, not more likely. >> and i want to ask you about what would have to happen, but i want a side bar on what happens at the united nations. as you described, despite objections from the u.s. and israel, they did get the status they were looking for and maybe they wanted more. why did that happen? >> well, i think because the united nations basically
10:35 am
wasn't concerned enough about the consequences of this declaration by the general assembly to take adequate steps. you know, we faced this back in 1989 and 1990 and the george h.w. bush administration then secretary of state james baker said unequivocally, made a public statement that he would recommend to the president na the united states cut off all funding, assessed or voluntary to any u.n. organization that enhanced the status of what was then the palestine liberation organization. and it was a tough threat. and it succeeded. the plo did not get member state status or observer state status in any u.n. organization. and ultimately put part of the baker threat in the law. the obama administration didn't like the threat and didn't like leaning on the united nations and made that clear when the plo, when the palestinian authority sought membership last year,
10:36 am
successfully. and clearly the unwillingness of the obama administration to take a tough line has led to this outcome. >> jamie: i won't express an opinion, but it does sound like you described it to be somewhat of a dangerous and precarious situation, not making matters better and moving closer together. but secretary clinton went on, saying that israel and the israelis should be generous with the palestinian authority. what do you think she meant by that? and would that get us can hes closer to a peaceful negotiation or further away? >> no, i think it's a statement that says just peace the palestinian authority a little more and everything will be fine and it's just not worked out this way. and a lot focused on them. but on the part of the administration, was that the palestinian authority, abbas were kind of down in the internal struggle with hamas, so that this vote and the kind of words that you heard from
10:37 am
secretary clinton will boost abbas vis-a-vis hamas. i think that's a very dangerous game. i don't know what, what the fata fashion and the palestinian authority have to recommend given their performance. i think it's wrong given the perspective. >> we'll be chatting with you as we always do at 10 a.m. >> a tense situation developing in north korea, launching a long range rocket in just ten days. and that's pyongyang announcing in ten days and shown that fuel truck near a rocket latunch area. and this will be the second under leader kim jong un and the move is considered the
10:38 am
violation of a u.n. ban against north korea developing its nuclear and missile program. >> jamie: certainly not the first time they've ignored those bands. washington, the potential fiscal cliff is expected to bring tax hikes and spending cuts it all americans, and what is really at stake when it comes to your home? and we're going to take a look at what could happen if lawmakers and the white house don't reach an agreement very soon. >> kelly: indeed, we will. plus, a man counting his blessings after coming face-to-face with a shark. . >> you know, you've got to look at this at like the emt told me on the way here, you could have had this or struck by lightning and the odds are about the same. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant
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>> well, a man from oregon is recoughing today after he encountered a shark, a terrifying attack in hawaii, 61-year-old tom kennedy was snorkling when a couple of his
10:43 am
friends, about 200 yards off shore in maui, when that shark moved in, clamping down on his left leg. he was actually able to break free and his friends helped him to shore and lifeguards treated him before he was rushed to the hospital and now, tom says he's trying to figure out what kind of shark bit him. >> based on my estimate of the size of the head, the coloration, and the shape, and i'm certainly not an expert, but his guess near is, it was a tiger shark perhaps. >> jamie: tom, does it matter? you survived the shark attack. he's lucky to be alive and lifeguards briefly closed that stretch of beach as the shark remains at bay and there are four shark attacks in hawaii since october. be careful out there, kelly. >> kelly: well, it's not about a shark, but it is about a cliff, the looming so-called fiscal cliff would trigger across the board tax hikes and
10:44 am
spending cuts if no deal is reached. but what would happen to home values, if certain tax benefits disappear? four are drastically cut. and carolyn, the financial analyst joins me right now with details. carolyn, always good to see youment what about this? how will this affect home owners if we go off this show called fiscal cliff? >> kelly, you know, at this point there is so much speculation around this fiscal cliff, and you're talking about the housing market. there is talk about what would happen if some of these real estate write-offs are at least reduced or, you know, somehow changed. the housing market is one area that's actually shown positives in the past year or so. any sort of change with that to the mortgage interest deduction and also, any change, possibly in property taxes and those deductions could have a negative effect on the economy. but you know, kelly, there are things that are in our control, if you will. it seems like things are out of control with these d.c.
10:45 am
negotiations. but there are some things that we can look at. >> kelly: let me ask you, we, as you said, it's out of control what we can do to get congress and the president to step up and do the right thing and find common ground and give us a solution. so, what's in our control, should we go off that fiscal cliff because of congress's inactivity? >> more than you would think. the first thing, take a look at long-term capital gains and you've probably been hearing this in the news, if you've held a stock for a long time. you know, you had a position and it's how to gain, is this the right time to possibly sell that? and you're taking that gain against the lower tax rates at this point. but, again, it's not a one size fit all solution. really, so much of revolves around where you are in the retirement process, if you will, and with the graying of america, the aging of america, this affects millions of people. for example, are you just getting ready to retire? and you'll no longer be a w-2
10:46 am
employee? that could change your tax bracket. sit down and talk with somebody, when is the best time to take those gains. there's another issue, too, with retirement that people don't realize is out there, fiscal cliff or not. and that's your required minimum distributions. this is an area that we see as very confusing to seniors. what happens at the age of 70 12 you are required to take minimum distributions from your ira, 401(k), those sort of things, if you don't, you're looking at a tax hit, a penalty of 50%. a lot of seniors are confused about that and that happens with a fiscal cliff or not. >> you gave awes whole lot of details there and for a young family with children, perhaps in college and looking forward to try and live a life and get some sort of retirement, what's the one thing they should do above all the things they've given us, what's the one thing to be focused on.
10:47 am
>> something that people are very confused about as well is the alternative minimum tax, this came into play in 1969, people do need to be aware about this. talk to an advisor about it, because more and more, somewhere in the area of 28 million americans could be affected by this. and this means you pay a higher rate, which could cost you thousands of dollars. also, get your advice from somebody who actually knows what they are he' talking about, tax advice, to a c.p.a., for example, know if they're at least licensed. >> kelly: we thank you very much, carolyn, good tips and advice how to deal with the financial crisis that we're facing with right now. thank you. >> thanks. well, we wanted to help you prevent certain cancers in our medical segment today and turns out aspirin can be more helpful than you think. you heard right. aspirin, researchers finding new benefits to the pain reliever. medical a-team dr. somati will
10:48 am
be here. >> kelly: i'm glad to hear that, i take one every day. one state taking down their christmas decorations and wait until you hear why and what prompted the move. . >> i think it's maybe a little disturbing to people in the christmas spirit and do celebrate christmas as opposed to the one that did complain. ♪
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>> a dmv office in massachusetts taking down christmas decorations following a customer complaint. the display was a small tree, some wall decorations and a santa claus. but it was taken down after just one customer said it was offensive to put up just christmas decorations. but none for any other holiday that argument didn't sit too well with the agency's other customers. >> because of one person's complaint to have the registry undecorated for the christmas holiday is not fair. >> i think it's maybe a little disturbing, to people that are in the christmas spirit and do celebrate christmas as opposed to the one that complained. >> i wouldn't react to just one customer complaint. >> officials say they do their best to hear customers complaints, but unclear whether they'll heed customers calls to put the display back
10:53 am
up. >> jamie: the medical team always with information to help you and possible benefits of taking a daily dose of aspirin. a new study that could prevent heart disease, it says, but reduce your risk of liver cancer before you grab the bottle of aspirin, dr. david somati, vice-chairman of the, one of the best technical surgeons in the nation. >> thank you. >> and didn't tell me to say that. aspirin is like a basic thing of a doctor of your caliber to tell us about, what does your study show. >> this is interesting, we know that aspirin a day kept the cordologist away for a long time and a lot of this is coming from the vascular situation and it's looking at national cancer institute, looking at over 300,000, and it's a fairly large stead and followed for 12 years. and if you take aspirin a day, it's going to reduce the risk of liver disease and liver
10:54 am
cancer by 40%. and it's a great statistic. mind you, this is association is not a cause and effect. so it's observational study. they followed them and this is what they found. >> jamie: so it's a coincidence. and how much aspirin? >> that's right, low dose aspirin and we cannot prove at this point, but it's a very interesting finding. now, the history of aspirin is interesting, you and i we've covered this in the past. couple of years ago we talked about the fact an aspirin a day reduces the risk of colon cancer and metastasis and growing evidence that it may be helpful in breast cancer and prostate cancer may be helpful, but of course he we need longer studies. now, risk factor for liver cancer, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, cirrhosis, inflammation in the body. >> shrinking. >> what i take from this, those particular patients headed towards liver cancer you should talk to your oncologist and perhaps take
10:55 am
aspirin, of course there are some issues with aspirin as well. >> jamie: bleeding for one? >> absolutely. and whenever we have a discussion like that, my fear people are going to run to their pharmacy and start taking these aspirins. it's not for everybody. aspirin has side effects, causes bleeding, gastritis, inflammation in the stomach, taking blood thinner, coumadin, even herbals, could cause gi blee iechli bleeding a end up in the emergency room. and talk to your doctor. aspirin may reduce inflamation, and could also be caused in the coagulation or bleeding cast said, maybe changes some enzymes and reduces the cancer from escaping. and we're getting closer and closer to understand what this wonder drug is doing for us. it seems not just for headaches, but heart disease could be helpful.
10:56 am
your recommendation, maybe it's time to ask your doctor about aspirin once again. >> if you're in the high risk group, talk to them and as we mentioned cirrhosis or liver disease, speak to your oncologist and have the discussion, that's the best medicine. >> kelly: does it matter what blond of aspirin you're taking, from other n said, ant ant anti-flam tris, there's something that reduces the cancer cells from walking out of the organ, a good point. >> jamie: it's not the 325, it's the low dose. >> right u sunday for house call you'll be treating and answering questions. >> a great program on house call. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby have a beautiful day. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright, thank you for watching. journal editorial report is next. >> jamie: bye-bye. this holiday, share everything.
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